Lorelei Kaiser Barton Providing Elegant Music for Your Special Event

House Concerts

A house concert is live music performed in an informal setting in someone's home. Have Elegant Harp Music for your Special Event in the Tulsa area. The host/hostess will invite friends and family for either a minimal fee or they foot the bill themselves. Everyone enjoys a small concert with refreshments of their choice, be it tea and cookies or a more formal seated dinner. The fee charged to the guests pays for the live music and possibly the refreshments or the host can choose to give the evening as a gift to the guests and pay for everything.

THE ROOM You may choose any room in your home that is considered guest worthy and can seat a minimum of 6-10 people. 

THE MUSIC The music we offer is all harp related be it as a duo with violin, cello, clarinet, oboe, flute, French horn, piano or any combination of the above with a larger chamber ensemble of 3 or more. All entertaining musicians are highly experienced and professional in how we present ourselves, in our knowledge of our instruments and the music, and how we relate to an audience. You can choose 1 set of 50 minutes of music or add 1 or 2 more sets of approximately 40 minutes each. Each set includes the music performance and interesting tidbits about the music. 

THE MOOD First you pick the mood you want to present - lively, contemplative, cafe-style, formal, etc. Your budget and size of the room will determine how many performers are chosen to appear. The harp will be included in all performances but not exclusively. 

THE FRIENDS and FEES Tired of inviting your friends over for a drab dinner, long and drawn-out board games, or couch potato television? This is a unique way to entertain and let everyone help in footing the bill. The average ticket price per guest is around $10-20 - less than dinner and a movie. The exact musicians' fee is determined by your budget which, in turn, will be determined by how many guests attend and how many musicians are involved in the style of performance you choose. The musicians' fee begins at $200. 

THE FOOD The refreshments are up to you, be it tea and cookies/snacks while we play or a formal sit-down dinner with the entertainment to precede, or follow your dining. 

THE FUN! ... is what this is all about. With a little bit of effort on yours and our part, this will be an evening you will never forget!